Thessaly Tinplate Products

Anthopoulos S.A., Thessaly Tinplate Products, is a company whose main business activity is making and marketing tinplate products.

Since its launch in 1990, the company has grown steadily and is now held in high esteem in the Greek market, both for the quality of its products and the high-quality equipment it uses in production.

More specifically, in recent years the company has acquired equipment with state-of-the-art technology, and it now makes, from scratch, containers used to package food stuffs such as: dairy products, oil, baby food, coffee, vegetables, feta cheese, olive oil, jams and fish. The main characteristics of the Anthopoulos SA Thessaly Tinplate production line are that it produces tinplate products rapidly, using high precision and multiple quality controls. The company applies a quality management system which complies with the international standards ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 22000-2005.

All the above factors meant that Anthopoulos SA Thessaly Tinplate Products has managed to keep the cost of its products stable while improving quality.
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Our packaging

Highly durable

Since 1985 even astronauts travelling through space have been enjoying soft drinks from tinplate cans.


Tinplate packaging is completely hygienic, safe, secure and 100% environmentally friendly.

Environmental awareness

Tinplate packaging is considered an environmentally friendly method and technology, provided that consumers learn not to throw empty cans away carelessly as they can be fully recycled.

Below, you can see our company's balance sheets for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014: