The Company


«Our company does not just work to make sure its containers are high quality, it works to makes sure that the entire city enjoys a high quality of life!!!»

ISO Certification

We apply a Quality Management System which complies with the international ISO 9001-2000 standard

Investment in equipment

We continually invest in technologically advanced mechanical equipment so that we can produce top quality products.

History – How it all started…

Our company made a dynamic start manufacturing and selling tinplate products in 1990, when it operated under the name of Anthopoulos Ο.Ε. In 2000, it changed into a Α.Ε. company and continues to operate as such today.

Initially, the company was influenced by the many factories in Central Greece and especially around Volos which produced cured and salted products. So, when it began, the company made packaging for these products. In recent years it has expanded its range to include containers which are suitable for packing and storing foodstuffs such as oil, cheese, olives, honey and pickles.

Our company is entirely focused on meeting the needs and desires of our customers - after all we are very thankful to them for the confidence they have shown us over the years. Anthopoulos S.A. is growing consistently despite the economic crisis in Greece, and has now been exporting its products to the Balkans (Italy) and to western Europe (Germany) for two years.


Anthopoulos S.A. has had a dynamic presence in the export market for the last two years, with sales increasing rapidly every year.

The company's goal is to reduce the impact of the decline in economic activity and consumption in the domestic market. In achieving this, the company has retained, and at times increased, the staff involved in production, thus preserving jobs.

As for other Greek exporters, the Balkans and Western Europe are the company’s main export markets as they were, are and will continue to be, historically connected with Greece, especially Greek business.

Environment and Health

Our company helps to protect the environment and also treats it responsibly and with respect. It also helps to create better living conditions for everyone.

More specifically, the containers we make are checked for leaks by special machines and anything “faulty” goes straight to be recycled. In this way we do not have to use new metal to create the new product, and at the same time we protect the atmosphere from the gas emissions which would come from the factory and foundry when producing the new metal.

It is important for everyone to recognise that tinplate packaging does not only protect the products it contains, but also the environment itself, and they can be fully recycled. We should also remember that tinplate packaging is the only packaging that protects the product from light, oxygen, humidity and sun. For this reason, it is a reliable choice for many companies which want to seal their products (milk, baby food, coffee, honey, vegetables, feta, olive oil, fish and much more).

So, while all these products are different from each other, they all have one thing in common: they are packaged in tinplate packaging which is completely hygienic, safe, secure and 100% environmentally friendly.